A Safe Outdoor Recreational Space

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This trail brings many benefits to the communities along its route. It will continue the link of the Trans Canada Trail throughout the South Shore of Nova Scotia from the Town of Bridgewater and provide a safe outdoor recreational space for local residents, including walkers, bicyclists, ATVers, snowmobilers and many other types of uses all year round.

This trail is accessible to all trail users, regardless of age, income or ability.

The Trail provides opportunities for community events, since trails promote and provide space for many outdoor activities. Trails also encourage community involvement and foster a sense of community pride.

Trails encourage active and healthy lifestyles for local residents. Having recreational space for walking, hiking and bicycling will help provide opportunities for increased physical fitness for residents and visitors.

The spin-off benefits that are created from this kind of trail project will be available year-round – not just during the peak tourism summer season. Visitors will be able to access this linking trail system year round, whether it’s on a bicycle, on foot, on skies, on an ATV, etc., and travel throughout this region, enjoying the changing scenery and rural atmosphere. As a result, visitors may also be more enticed to stay in the local area – as opposed to just travelling through.

Local businesses will benefit as travelers on the trail, whether local or from away, will be able to stop for meals and supplies along the way, taking advantage of local services and accommodations. This will provide promotion and advertising opportunities for many local businesses that are located in communities along the route.

This trail project is intended for all trail users - and this association wants to ensure that local community members are encouraged to get involved.

Another benefit of having a safe, well-developed trail in this area is that the trail will be passing close to schools in the Hebbville area. This offers a great opportunity for students, coaches and teaches to use the outdoor space for physical education programs, and perhaps science classes.