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Bull Run Trail Association Objectives

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This 24 km trail connects to the Centennial Trail in the Town of Bridgewater and to the Region of Queens. This trail features a covered bridge in the community of Hebbville along with various restaurants and services along the route. Parking is available at access points along the trail. Access includes hikers, bicycles, ATV’s, snowmobiles, skies, and horses.

The main objects of the Society are:

  • To acquire a use agreement with the Province for the abandoned rail line from the Centennial Trail in Bridgewater to the Queens County line.
  • To maintain and operate that trail as a multi-use trail.
  • To join any provincial and national association which will further the Association cause.
  • To work closely with the Nova Scotia Trans Canada Trail Committee to ensure that the trail is part of the western loop.
  • To establish partnerships with Associations, user groups, adjacent land owners, the Town of Bridgewater and various levels of government for the betterment of the trail and the Association.
  • To work closely with other Associations with similar goals.