Rail-to-Trails Programs

Managed by Volunteer Community Groups

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Rails-to-Trails are managed by six active community groups in various stages of trail development:

  • Bay to Bay Trail Association - approximately 10 km between the Towns of Mahone Bay and Lunenburg
  • Dynamite Trail – approximately12 km from Martin's River to the Town of Mahone Bay
  • Adventure Trail – approximately 14 km from Mahone Bay to Bridgewater
  • South Shore Annapolis Valley Recreational Trail – approximately 43 km within the District – 125 km overall
  • LaHave River Trail Association - approximately 20 km from the Town of Bridgewater to New Germany
  • Bull Run Trail Association - approximately 25 km from Bridgewater to the Region of Queens

These groups help the Recreation Department of the Municipality to create more opportunities for recreation and leisure as well as more benefits to our local communities.

Each volunteer trail board has representation from a variety of trail enthusiasts – OHV users, equestrians, bicyclists, walkers, etc. All groups have spent a significant amount of time working together to ensure that these proposed trail developments will provide accessible outdoor recreation opportunities to all community members in an area where none currently exist. These community based efforts have acted as a catalyst for community involvement, fostering community pride and a lively community atmosphere that encourages responsible trail use. Community trail development helps ensure stewardship and community buy-in. This means that the trail will be well-maintained and cared for over a longer period of time. Issues and concerns can be addressed on a community level, and each community is unique, so solutions to trail issues may be different for each community trail.

Trails allow for improved physical and mental health as well as the social well-being of a community. Overall, trails enhance the quality of life for local residents in our communities.